Tim Stiles, P.T. – Physical Therapist

Tim graduated from the University of New England’s Physical Therapy program in 1996 and in 1998 was certified as an Athletic Trainer. Over his years of practicing as a physical therapist and athletic trainer he has worked in a variety of settings enabling him to gain experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of numerous musculoskeletal conditions.


Tim’s post graduate studies include completing level 1 Institute of Manual Therapy- The Norwegian System Kaltnberg-Evjenth Residency Program and he has recently been certified to include Dry Needling in his treatment approach.


Tim incorporates manual treatment with a strong emphasis on improving movement patterns, postural alignment, and body mechanics. Tim feels the rehabilitation of his patients is a team approach that includes everyone from the physical therapist, the physician, and the patient so communication with all team members is important.


Tim enjoys mountain biking, outdoor adventures, good food and being with family and friends. He does not like bacon or hot dogs.