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Physical therapy is among the safe and effective alternatives to opioids recommended by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention for the management of most non-cancer related pain. Whereas opioids only mask the sensation of pain, physical therapists treat pain through movement, hands on care, exercise and patient education. We will work with you to manage pain that may be affecting your daily activities.



Mobility is a person’s ability to move around their environment. Patients who suffer prolonged immobilization due to injury or surgery can suffer from pain when they walk or move as well as weakness in the muscles that affect their function. Decreased mobility can affect our ability to perform both everyday tasks as well as our recreational activities. Advanced Physical Therapy utilizes manual therapies as well as corrective exercise to restore mobility and get you moving again.



Our primary goal at Advanced Physical Therapy is to maximize your function. Whether your goals are to be able to stand at your kitchen counter to prepare a meal or to run a 10K we will help you achieve your functional goals. We are able to track our effectiveness using a nationally recognized measure called Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO). This program helps us understand your functional deficits and allows us to track your progress throughout the rehab process.

We develop treatment plans aimed at increasing function,
improving mobility and reducing pain.


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Phone: 207-772-7662
Fax: 207-772-0591

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Most insurance plans accepted, including Martin’s Point Health Care and US Family Health Plan

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