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We treat musculoskeletal injuries and offer only proven evidence based, cost effective treatments.

Instrument Assistive Soft Tissue Mobilization

IASTM is a soft tissue technique performed with ergonomically designed instruments that detect and treat fascial restrictions and encourage healing in areas exhibiting soft tissue adhesions, chronic inflammation, or degeneration.

Corrective Exercise

In any manual therapy treatment, supplementation with exercises that address musculoskeletal strength and postural muscle imbalances throughout the entire kinetic chain is vital to maintaining the positive changes that occur with each treatment session. Our therapists will provide custom exercise plans that address each individual patient needs.

Post Operative Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Recovering from any orthopedic, foot and ankle, or upper extremity surgery can be overwhelming. Our primary focus at Advanced Physical Therapy is restoring your ability to return to doing the things you enjoy most. We have extensive experience and have formed lasting relationships with most surgeons in the area. We take great pride in guiding you through the post-operative process and will be there by your side the whole way.

Chronic Tendonopathy Program

Tendonopathy is a broad term encompassing painful conditions occurring in and around tendons in response to overuse. Recent basic science research suggests little or no inflammation is present in these conditions. Thus traditional treatment modalities aimed at controlling inflammation such as corticosteroid injections, NSAIDS medications, and rest may not be the most effective options. We at Advance Physical Therapy recognize this science and will develop a comprehensive approach combining evidence based manual therapies  and corrective exercise to address these problems.

Worker’s Compensation

We are a highly sought after practice for Worker’s Compensation injuries. Our ability to offer initial appointments with 24/48 hours at times that are convenient to the working population has elevated our practice to a primary referral choice for injured workers.

Dry Needling

Dry needling involves inserting fine monofilament needles into muscles, tendons, ligaments, and scar tissue. This technique has delivered proven results for many chronic and subacute conditions including lateral epicondylitis, knee osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonosis, neck pain, and low back pain.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

All of our therapists are Cert VRS and treat a variety of vestibular issues including vertigo, BPPV, balance issues and post concussion syndrome.



Muscular strength enhances overall health and allows you to perform movements and activities that require power without getting tired. Developing strength helps to build strong healthier muscles and bones and can help develop good posture. Building strength helps to improve balance and flexibility and improves overall joint health.



Mobility is a person’s ability to move around their environment. Patients who suffer prolonged immobilization due to injury or surgery can suffer from pain when they walk or move as well as weakness in the muscles that affect their function. Decreased mobility can affect our ability to perform both everyday tasks as well as our recreational activities. Advanced Physical Therapy utilizes manual therapies as well as corrective exercise to restore mobility and get you moving again.



Our primary goal at Advanced Physical Therapy is to maximize your function. Whether your goals are to be able to stand at your kitchen counter to prepare a meal or to run a 10K we will help you achieve your functional goals. We are able to track our effectiveness using a nationally recognized measure called Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO). This program helps us understand your functional deficits and allows us to track your progress throughout the rehab process.

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