Home Exercise Program

Home Exercise Program-Your Role in Your Own Recovery

Physical Therapy can be a great option for treating both chronic and traumatic injuries. Physical therapists train for years in order to give our patients the best care possible. However…. physical therapists cannot improve your strength and mobility alone, we need your help and commitment too.

All of our patients are given a home exercise program designed specifically to address that individuals limitations. By performing this program at the prescribed frequency you are able to use it as a tool to take your health into your own hands. Increasing muscle strength and flexibility is a gradual process that can take several weeks to make noticeable changes. This process requires consistency to be effective, which is why the home exercise program should be performed on days when you do not come in for appointments. Stretching in particular should be done multiple times (2-3x) per day at times, whereas strengthening exercises are normally done less frequently (3-5x)  a week.

We use an exercise website and program  called physiotec . This program gives us the ability to  email an exercise program  right to your computer or phone. The physiotec  program will show both pictures and videos of the exercises we have prescribed and can even keep track of your progress!

After you are discharged from physical therapy the home exercise program gives you the knowledge and skills to maintain the progress gained during treatment. This allows you to stay pain free and more mobile in the long term and keeps you doing whatever it is you love to do!.

Happy Home Exercising and keep on Advancing!