Tendonitis vs Tendinosis

Tendons  are tough band of fibrous connective tissue that connect muscle to bone and are capable of withstanding tension. Tendons can get injured with trauma, sports, or overuse. Often tendon injuries are diagnosed as tendinitis but may actually be tendinosis.

Tendinitis is an acute or sudden condition where inflammation is  caused by a direct injury to the tendon. Tendonitis is rare and  with early presentation the tendon can recover in several days to 6 weeks. Treatment focus is on anti-inflammatory treatments (ice, electric stimulation ,ultrasound) , activity modification and medications. Tendinosis is a chronic condition caused by repetitive trauma or injury that has not healed properly. Tendinosis injury is due to the degeneration of the collagen contained in the tendon. Early presentation recovery takes 6-10 weeks and chronic symptoms can take 3-6 months. Treatment focus is to help develop collagen in the tendon  and help assist in its maturity and tensile strength.

The therapists at Advanced Physical Therapy use Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) , Dry Needling, manual treatment and personalized exercise programs to assist in the healing of  tendinosis injuries to allow clients to return to their normal  activities.